Decking to Ceilings: Elevating the Look

Decking to Ceilings: Elevating the Look

There is something fabulous about having the right look to your home.

This can be everything from what’s on your roof, to your walls and throughout your garden. Having the best possible look almost always comes down to having the best possible products at your disposal.

To have a quality look, you need to be using quality products all the way. That means the best in materials and the top names in how to maintain that look.

There are many benefits to choosing a timber ceiling.

The most obvious is that wood is an extremely versatile and durable building material. It is well known for its ability to resist the elements and withstand different weather conditions. It is also able to withstand heat and electrical conduction. 

Then there is the sometimes overlooked advantage of its acoustic properties. You won’t have to travel far to find timber working its magic in any leading theatre or concert hall.

There are other reasons to choose timber when you’re looking at making the best possible choice for the interior and exterior of your home.

Why choose timber

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Timber gives you a special connection to Mother Nature, unlike any other material around. Using this wonderful natural resource is a chance to utilise the many eco-friendly options available on the market today.

From sustainably sourced timber to recycled wood, you can find any number of different ways to be environmentally friendly and have all the benefits that timber brings.

You also have the chance to reap the rewards of an asset-enriching material and invite a special warmth and character into your home.

There is also the opportunity to add the best things about timber to your outdoor area and throughout your garden.

Decking and its benefits

There is no better way to enjoy the riches of timber than by adding an outdoor decking area. The benefits are many and include:

– Extending your living area

– Keeping your entertainment options open

– Having a private and peaceful oasis of your own

– Increasing the value of your property

– Continuing the aesthetic appeal of your home

The list goes on, but the most obvious advantage of timber decking is that it brings an instant appeal to your place and is relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain. You can have your decking providing value to your lifestyle for many years to come. 

No outdoor area looks better than a well-planned and constructed decking area. This can be one of the most attractive features of your home and somewhere to enjoy outdoor living for the majority of the year. 

The only trick is to maintain it properly and consistently over time. It certainly pays to keep it looking its best and lasting the distance.

How best to protect your deck

It’s easy to protect your deck when you know what to expect and what products will work best for your choice of timber and the climate in which you live.

Cleaning your decking regularly is the first step in having it look its best. 

Unfortunately, many people forget that their deck or pergola is susceptible to the elements and to issues of mould and mildew. 

A simple brush down to remove dust, dirt, and debris is the first step. Washing the decking down with clean water and allowing it to dry thoroughly can do wonders for its life.

It makes sense to prepare the timber of your decking properly from the outset and then be able to reapply the necessary waterproofing and protective elements when needed.

Too often, this maintenance is left till too late, and the wood has already been damaged to a significant extent. Sometimes that damage can be irreversible, and the cost to repair or replace the timberwork can be very high.

What products do you use to ensure that your deck is properly protected?

The top protection for your deck and timber 

There is no better way to protect your timber than to use the right quality oil or protective coating.

This is just as important as the quality of wood or timber that you choose. There is no reason to scrimp or save on the products you use for your deck, pergola or outdoor area.

The choice of product comes down to which type of wood you have chosen. 

There is no all-encompassing answer to that question. Finding the best product for deck protection is not as difficult as it may seem. Asking your timber merchant and any trusted builder for their opinions will help you no end. That expert advice can be invaluable in your choice of timber at the outset and in the products you use to protect and maintain your deck.

Buying and installing the top range of Merbau timber means you will need to use the best decking oil for Merbau. This is the only way you can be sure that you have the right product and that it will work in the most effective way.

The mood and atmosphere of a great outdoor area 

With the use of timber inside your home and extending that look to the exterior of your place, you have a great means of continuity. The styling becomes a theme that remains unbroken and gives a special sense of character to the place you live.

It’s important not to feel inhibited by what you use and think that it all must tie together in the most basic way. This can be restrictive and an unnecessary burden on your style choices for your exterior walls and garden area.

Having timber is a great idea, but it’s easy to underestimate the benefits of aluminium cladding. This is a clever and adaptable material that brings with it the advantages of being waterproof, easy to install, UV resistant and, importantly, it is also fire safe.

With the often harsh Australian climate to deal with, having your home as strong and resilient to those conditions is a powerful asset.

By doing the best possible research, asking for expert advice and choosing the right product for your budget, you can have a fabulous look from your ceilings through to your outdoor decking.

Having your dream home is just a matter of trusting your instinct and using your imagination.