How colour contacts change your look

How colour contacts change your look

You may not know it, but you have more than one way to change your look and add something special to your day.

Good news: it’s easier than you think.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or stuck on a deserted island, there is a fresh way to transform yourself. 

– It doesn’t involve a great deal of time.

– It isn’t expensive.

– It does give you a whole new look that you didn’t think was possible.

That’s the power of how coloured eye contacts work. Let’s take a look at just how they work and the possibilities they offer you.

A new colour that will blow you and everyone else away

The fact that you have a certain eye colour you are born with can seem limiting. Yes, you can change the colour of your hair, your clothes and special features like your finger and toenails.

What if you could change the colour of your eyes?

Before you answer that question, remember that up until just a few years ago, that was just a dream that people had.

These days, you can do more than just change your eye colour, you can transform it into almost any colour you can think of.

With the right pair of color contact lenses you can bring a whole new look to your appearance and bring out a different side of your personality too.

It’s not unusual for someone to be careful about when and where they show a certain personality trait. It’s a natural instinct to protect parts of yourself unless you feel free and comfortable in allowing others to see and know that side of your personality.

This is when some people will be thinking it’s a gross exaggeration that a pair of sclera contacts in a certain colour can change the way someone behaves. It’s definitely not an exaggeration at all.

The power of changing your look and your life

The amazing thing, especially to someone who hasn’t tried coloured lenses before, is that the normal, everyday look that you have is overhauled. 

We’ve all had times when we’ve felt a bit worn, a bit flat and are just tired of the look we have that shows in the mirror. It’s perfectly understandable, but it can get a bit deflating and even more so when you don’t know how to turn things around.

That’s where coloured lenses can be a great source of inspiration for a whole range of reasons.

Imagine – just for a moment – that you can look in that same mirror and see a completely new face that greets you. 

That’s definitely going to shake out the cobwebs and give you a fresh burst of energy. 

A party look that takes you to a whole new level

There is something even more amazing about coloured contacts that can’t be overlooked. This is when you are looking to look your most sensational and really make a splash at a social setting.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you have nothing special about your look when you are trying to impress someone. It’s more apparent to you when you have a party to go to and it has some theme or a Fancy Dress element to it.

You don’t have to be a seasoned dress-up campaigner or a Cosplayer to know that having a great outfit means getting all the attention for all the right reasons. 

If you are going to dress up, then you need to go as far as possible to make that look you’re going for something special. 

It’s no surprise that cosmetic contact lenses are such a huge hit and have a wider appeal than to just someone looking to create the perfect Cosplay costume.

You can even go as far as some fairly freaky and ‘out there’ lenses like the special range of Sclera contacts. That’s where the whites of your eyes are coloured and that’s one hell of a powerful look you can have.

The look that you can enjoy

One of the clearest ways that you can see how much fun you can have with coloured contacts is to think of a special room in your house.

That room could be furnished with things that you like and even loved, but sometimes there is a moment when the appeal is lost. It could be that you don’t even notice how that room is furnished anymore.

Then you decide to make more of that room. This could be just changing an element of the decor or adding something new like a piece of furniture or artwork.

That might bring some change, but it is often a touch that has a short lived effect.

Then you might make a complete change of the room in the form of changing how it is used. The best example of this is to look at making a spare room into a pool or snooker room.

It now has a designated use with all the best in a table, snooker balls and any snooker accessories that add to that functionality. 

With a few decorative effects, that boring room (even a forgotten room in some cases) now has a new lease of life and can play an important role in the whole house and everyone who lives there.

Getting a fresh inspiration

As with your home or your work life, you can add a special spark that gives you a lift and helps you get out of being trapped in the comfort zone.

Sometimes we all need that little pep up and that can be from anything as simple as a new hairstyle, a new pair of shoes or changing the colour of your eyes with a top pair of colour contact lenses.

You don’t need to make a huge and drastic change to your life to get a boost to your confidence. All it takes is a clear understanding that you want to change things and you can have a new look and a fresh start that helps you make more of each tomorrow.